Donna Summer - Another Place And Time 30th Anniversary Release

One of the most popular SAW albums reaches it's 30th anniversary this year and to celebrate this milestone Donna Summers Another Place And Time is being re-released.

This 30th Anniversary Edition is packaged in a sumptuous 24-page A5 media book, which contains the original full album credits and acknowledgements, as well as the lyrics, a newly authored 6,400 word liner note by noted US writer Christian John Wikane, featuring new interviews with Pete Waterman, Matt Aitken, Bruce Sudano, Phil Harding and video director Dieter Trattmann. This 3 CD version contains 35 tracks and mixes, including the original studio album and a large selection of extra singles mixes, 6 unreleased mixes and 2 anniversary megamixes.

Mike Stock comments on his time working with Donna,

"SAW did not work too often with established artists. Donna's class and legendary vocal ability were well known to me when I first put her behind the mic. Having written the tune I had to sing it to her! I was nervous, perhaps she knew. My tune came back at me with brass knobs on. She was such a great vocalist and it was one of my best experiences in a studio. I will never forget that."