That Was Then This Is Now!

That Was Then...This Is Now is a new and innovative online music show, masterminded by Mike Stock.

Featuring huge acts of the last sixty years with exclusive live studio performances filmed in the highest visual and audio quality and introduced by broadcasting legend Mike Read & Sky TV's Hayley Palmer.

THAT WAS THEN ... THIS IS NOW will be available for streaming at 7pm on Thursday nights from 5th November for 5 weeks. Yes that’s right, the old Top Of The Pops slot, and can be viewed as a paid online stream. Tickets available soon!


THAT WAS THEN ... THIS IS NOW was devised in the wake of the current Covid-19 crisis which has seen all live music events cancelled leaving some of our most respected music artists unable to perform. The government has not been able to offer sustained support so the team are committed to sharing all profits generated from the streaming of the show with the artists.

Mike Stock: 

"The heritage artists have not been able to earn a penny since lockdown. No rewind, no 80s shows or summer festivals and probably no panto. So I  suggested we film a tv show featuring these artists singing their iconic hits plus any new material. The show will have interviews and some pop trivia interspersed between the performances".

Stock, who produced the series independently, added:

“I was looking at the artists I worked with back in the ’80s. Names that you will know have not had a great run latterly with the media and with television and radio interest – they’ve been largely ignored. I don’t blame that. Music moves on. But what they took to doing, and it seems ever popular, this ’80s style of revival weekend, rewind festivals. That really only started to happen really only 10 or so years ago in such a big way. But all of the ’80s artists that I work with and all of the others seem to be still popular enough to go and do these festivals, and earn a living at it. To make this story a bit shorter, because of Covid they’ve done nothing this year, and it’s really their only means of support. Most of them do all the festivals in the summer, maybe get in a pantomime or something like that in the winter, but there’s not much else for them. And whilst they are struggling to earn a living – they have no means of support – the BBC, for example, still play the reruns of Tops Of The Pops on BBC Four every Friday for the ’80s – a show which everybody watches, but the artists get nothing for it.

So the BBC still milk those times but these artists can’t, so I just thought I’m in a position, I can do this, I can invest the time and money.”

Stock admits it is a difficult time and feels for these kind of artists:

“I don’t know what else to do because the Government can’t help them. These guys are itinerants, they go from one gig to the next, they can’t get furlough, they can’t get 80% of their salary paid to them because they don’t have it. They have an idea of what they are going to earn year on year and I feel for them because that’s how I’ve been all my life. I’ve never earned a salary, no one’s ever paid me anything like that. I’ve only ever earned a royalty once something has been successful.”

Artists confirmed for the first series are Paul Young, Toyah, Steve Harley, The Fizz, Chesney Hawkes, Leee John, Right Said Fred, Kim Wilde, Marty Wilde, Roxy Wilde, Owen Paul, Limahl, The Vapors, Sonia and Johnny Hates Jazz.

Kim Wilde added:


“Stepping onto the set of This Is Now with Mike Stock and Mike Read felt simultaneously like taking a step back in time, and taking the first exciting step forward to the next chapter in pop. The pop-loving public have been waiting for a show like this for a very long time. I’m so proud to be a part of its inception!”

Co-presenter, the legendary Mike Read is excited:

"Do you miss Top of the Pops? Keen to watch major artists on Thursdays at 7.00? Maybe with bit of chat? The odd Pop Quiz question? Some classic videos? A Heritage Chart rundown. And help your favourite artists whose income has been decimated? "That Was Then..This Is Now" is here".

Tickets are available now, get yours here 

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