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Thereza Bazar


Thereza Bazar (born 23 May 1955) is a Canadian-born English singer, best known as one half of the pop duoDollar.

Bazar met with success in her teens as a member of 1970s group Guys 'n' Dolls, who scored a 1975 hit with "There's A Whole Lot of Lovin'" and went on to have a short career, which also included "Here I Go Again On My Own", a composition by the 17-year-old Bazar.[1] Disillusioned with the direction of the group, her then-boyfriend and bandmate David Van Day left the group and when Bazar was subsequently dismissed by the group, they formed Dollar in 1977. Their hits started with "Shooting Star" in 1978. They then had several big hits including "Love's Gotta Hold on Me" in 1979, "Mirror Mirror" in 1981 and "Give Me Back My Heart" in 1982, until "Oh L'amour" which hit the Top 10 across Europe in 1987.[2]

Bazar released one solo album in 1985 called The Big Kiss, which she co-wrote. It was produced by Arif Mardin and featured the singles "The Big Kiss" and "Too Much in Love". The album reportedly cost half a million pounds to produce and generated media attention, but according to Bazar, the album's circulation was poor due to a mix-up at the record company, with the album unavailable at the time of its advertised release. Today Bazar mentions the incident as the most upsetting of her career, but she has high regard for the album, saying it had "a strong pedigree"

Such was her faith in the album that it was at last given a full release in expanded form in 2019, 34 years after it's original release.

The single, The Big Kiss released in 1985 featured an extended version mixed by the fledgling Stock Aitken Waterman production team that has become quite a rarity until the 2019 release featured it as a bonus track.

The Big Kiss
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