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New YouTube content

Some exciting new YouTube content is due to be launched soon featuring a vlog from Mike Stock discussing the making of some of the biggest SAW hit singles and albums.

This is sure to be something die-hard fans will be excited about as Mike will talk in great detail about the creative process.

We are going to start with I Should Be So Lucky as in many ways it represents Mike's (SAW's) most ubiquitous moment for the following reasons:


1. The myths surrounding it's creation - regurgitated by every man and his dog (even by people who weren't there).

2. The song is deemed to be a 'simple' pop song whereas in musical terms it may be one of their most complex. How ironic that what is considered one of their 'fluffiest' hits is one of the most complex.

3. The phrase is quite unusual and is now almost exclusive to the song.

4. It launched Kylie's career as a music artist and here we are 33 years later and she is still massive.

Mike will give us his recollections from the moment he realised he had to come up with a song for Kylie or the chance would be gone - and maybe no Kylie as we know it?

Who came up with the title?

Did Mike and Matt write the chorus first? 

Did she come in to sing the chorus first? 

What was Kylie like during that session?

Did they write the verse on the fly?

Is the unusual nature of the chord progression throughout the verse and bridge borne from working on the fly - with less time to second guess everything they were writing.

What were some of the musical references or inspirations for the direction of the song? (possibly dispelling any past rumours)

Did the guys have confidence in what they had recorded that day?

Does Mike recall going back to the session after Kylie was done recording - to record the backing vocals?

Mike will show and discuss some of the classic equipment used in those sessions as well as showing us some of the awards won (Ivor Novello etc)

There are many questions to be asked of this classic song and it will be great to hear the full story behind what is deemed a daft throwaway pop song that for 3 decades has sadly been reduced to "made in 40 minutes" status but is actually so much more.

We are looking for your questions on this song, the more technical the better, and Mike will answer as best he can.

Please email any questions to 

Watch this space for more details.


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