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The Fizz - The World We Left Behind

The Fizz are back at NUMBER ONE!

The Heritage Chart, announced by Doctor Fox on United DJ's Radio, has The Fizz as their brand new Number One with The World We Left Behind. (20/09/20).

The Heritage chart features new music from those heritage acts we all know and love who are still out there making music but sadly ignored by most of the national and Independent radio stations. United DJ's Radio features seven decades of ‘no holds barred’ great tunes. In a climate where many radio stations are tightening their playlists and often ignore classic household favourites, United DJs are embracing timeless and wonderful new music from former chart toppers.

The World We Left Behind has a nostalgic video that features the band performing the fan favourite set against a wistful backdrop featuring faded memories of a time gone by. There is also a bonus extended version of THE WORLD WE LEFT BEHIND. The 3 track single also includes a karaoke version for all you singing Fizzers and is available to download from all digital outlets now!



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