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The Fizz - From Here To Eternity

The Fizz have released a brand new music video for the emotional ballad 'From Here To Eternity'.

The music video premiered on VEVO & Youtube onFriday 3rd April.

The track is taken from their top 30 album Smoke And Mirrors and has a very emotional lead vocal by Jay Aston. She recorded the song just hours after receiving a diagnosis of mouth cancer in 2018. While Jay considered the possibility of saying a final goodbye to her teenage daughter, the song is described as an emotional ballad of strength and determination.

Jay says,

"“The song is about leaving someone or spending the rest of your life with them. It was very emotional and after I recorded the vocal we were all crying at the end.”

Now, 18 months on, the song has been released and Jay is cancer free but following her treatment, which left her unable to speak at times, she is keen to raise awareness of the importance of being able to communicate. When she was in hospital after surgery to remove the tumour, she was mute for 10 days. 

The video for From Here To Eternity features signing from Isabella Signs, a YouTube star who learnt sign language to communicate with her younger brother Lucas, who has Down’s syndrome.

Watch From Here To Eternity here


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