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The Fizz are back with thier highly anticipated new album


The follow up to the groups top 30 hit Smoke & Mirrors is out now on CD and downloads and the whole concept is so steeped in 80's sounding magic that it makes you wonder what a Bucks Fizz/Stock Aitken Waterman collaboration back in the groups heyday would have sounded like.


Fans of Stock Aitken Waterman are also in for a treat. Not only is the album produced by the legendary Mike Stock but he was reunited in the studio with Mixmaster supremo Dave Ford who took on mixing duties. Dave mixed many of SAW's big hits from Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Sonia, Lonnie Gordon, Big Fun and many many more and has done a stellar job on this new album.


"It was great fun mixing the new Fizz album, “Everything Under The Sun” It’s full of great songs and productions, and was a pleasure to mix. A must have for any SAW fans!" - Dave Ford


Another fact for you SAW fans out there.

The track Everything We Do (We Do It For You) is a Stock/Waterman demo from 1992. Originally written as Everything We Do (Is Driven By You) it was a potential song for the latest Ford tv advert and has remained unheard for 30 years - until now!

The ad was eventually given to Brian May of Queen.

Mike Stock explains the reasons for including the song

"The brief for the original Ford commercial, for which it was intended, asked us to pay homage to all the Ford owners who over the years had remained faithful to the brand. At the time Ford were not launching a new model, but they wanted an advert which kept everyone interested and showed Ford's love and respect for their customers. Of course we didn't get the gig, Brian May did but in thinking about The Fizz and forty years as a brand, I remembered the track and thought with a bit of tinkering it could work well as The Fizz thanking their long-standing supporters. Seems to work!"

The album includes 10 brand new recordings. Here Mike Stock talks us through the inspiration behind some of them.

"The songs are a mix of flavours, deliberately so.

Over the years the Fizz have sung songs and delivered music of all styles and approaches. In fact, everything under the sun!

In forty years you get to cover a lot of ground."


I Close My Eyes all happens inside their heads and recalls Eurovision 1981.

Pretty Soon is mother to daughter. This resonates not just for Jay and Cheryl, but for all mothers with teenage girls growing up.

True Heart reflects their own bond as a group. Each has stood by the other in times of stress.

I Wonder Where you are Right Now. All the singers and bands, artists and groups who had their 15 seconds during these forty years. Most of them gone and forgotten. The perils of having no style but just following fashion!

Treasure Forever their thoughts on the high points of a long career. Even as I look back at SAW, some moments will remain as special for as long as I live.

This One I felt this McCartney song to have a lovely simple sentiment. I thought we could do a good version.


 "In general the mix of material on this album is fairly broad but held together by their performances and unmistakable sound."

The new recordings produced by Mike Stock were made using a plethora of 80's technology which he still has in his studio.
Vintage synths and keyboards were used as well as the famous Linn 9000 which was used on so many of those Stock Aitken Waterman hits.
Here is a list of all the equipment used.
Roland JX8P
Roland D-50
Roland U20
Roland Juno 60
Roland Alpha Juno
Roland MKS 70
Emulator II
Ensoniq Mirage
Yamaha DX7
Korg M1
Korg DW 8000
Mini Moog

Linn 9000
Linn Drum
Roland 707
Roland 727
IMG_9233 (1) (1).jpg
IMG_9234 (1).jpg
IMG_9230 (1).jpg
Hi everyone!
Hope you love the new album as much as I do. It’s the best ever, in my opinion.
The track entitled “Everything We Do, We Do It For You” really is for you! See if you can spot the nods to old Bucks Fizz songs in Kyla’s track, “ I’m On My Way”.
Thanks for being fabulous.
Cheryl xxx

With Mike Stock at the helm EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is a must for fans of SAW, The Fizz and anyone who loves 80's sounding feel-good pop music.

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is available now exclusively at

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